by Giulio Cesare Perrone

Inferno Theatre Presents as part of the
San Francisco International Arts Festival

“Desire, my love, what is it you long for?” Desire:  a thought at the edge of memory between the pull of gravity and accelerating neurons. Desire begins in our bodies and ripples out into space.  Rapture consumes lovers at first sight, entangling relationships.  Couples linger, trading perspectives in contested new territories of science and quantum theory.

QUANTUM DESIRE, by Inferno Theatre’s Producing Artistic Director, Giulio Cesare Perrone, uses movement, multimedia, music, and text, focusing on desire as a constant matrix driving the action as each shared breath, word, and touch draws each character closer together. It is the second part of a trilogy, following QUANTUM LOVE, which premiered at last year’s San Francisco International Arts Festival.

Playwright, Director and Designer - Giulio Cesare Perrone
Composer and Sound Designer - Bruno Louchouarn
Choreography – Wei-Shan Lai
Graphic Designer/Photographer – Vicki Victoria
Additional Music and Movement generated by the Ensemble
Ensemble Members: Wei-Shan Lai, Benoît Monin, David James Silpa, Brittany Sims,
Tenya Spillman, Baela Tinsley, Vicki Victoria

QUANTUM DESIRE opens on Friday May 27 at 7:00pm, Saturday May 28 at 8:00pm, Sunday May 29 at 7:00pm, Thursday June 2 at 8:00pm, Saturday at June 4 6:00pm, Sunday at June 5 2:00pm.

Graphic Design/Photos by Vicki Victoria