May 6th-8th, 2016

Third Annual Contemporary Performance Diasporas Festival

Inferno Theatre proudly presents its third annual Contemporary Performance Diasporas Festival, May 6-8, 2016 at South Berkeley Community Church, 1802 Fairview Street in Berkeley (entrance on Ellis). This cross cultural, interdisciplinary festival is a natural outgrowth of Inferno’s mission to link cultures and explore human relationships in space and time.

The works presented in this year’s Contemporary Performance Diasporas Festival focus on live ensemble and solo performances, dance, music, performance art, and film. Many of these works are still being developed and are being presented for the first time.

Tickets available on line, see button above. Sliding scale ($5 with student ID), at the door (cash or check only).

This year’s festival features the following solo performers and theatre companies:

Rachel LePell

blue monkey works: Steve Haskell

Inferno Theatre:Giulio Cesare Perrone, Wei-Shan Lai, Benoît Monin, David James Silpa, Brittany Sims, Tenya Spillman, Baela Tinsley, Vicki Victoria8

Chabot College Theater Arts: Nico Formelejo, Michael Morris, Brandon Llovett, Steven Baker, Rosemarie Vasquez, Daniella Chavez, Curtis Manning, Juan Flores, Cory Ng

Anton's Well Theatre Company: Robert Estes, Hal Hughes, Fiona Melia, Stan Spenger, Matthew Surrence

Polyhedron Company: David James Silpa, Anna Muselmann, Jenny McAllister, Lydia Raag

Back à Dos Theater Company of the French-American International School

Earl Alfred Paus aka Koy with Sophia Craven

Features plays by the following playwrights:

Giulio Cesare Perrone, Rachel LePell,  Robert Fields, Jamie Greenblatt, Sharmon J. Hilfinger, and Ann Sietz (winner of Inferno’s 2016 Short Play Contest)

Features the following dance companies:

Conmigo Connect: Raul Beguiristain, Rachel Davidman, Robin Fletcher, Valden Kamph, Susan Marchionna

Wei-Shan Lai & Dancers: David James Silpa, Dwayne Scheuneman, Kiplinn Sagmiller, Yuko Monden

Courtney Russell

Features the following film companies / artists:

Darryl Jones

CB Smith-Dahl

Andrej Diamantstein