Our Mission

The universe is expanding. We are only held together by the force of gravity. Submerged in the world we live in, we seek the links between cultures and explore the roots of human relationships in space and time. We nurture, renew, and reinvent the theatre art form through discipline, intensive training, research, and a committed ensemble practice. For us theatre is an all-creative state of existence grounded in a resonant body of works that are physical, literary, and spectacular. Placed in an urban setting we strive to create a better future for us, the people, on a greener and richer planet.

Our Beliefs

We believe that arts and education are essential parts of everyone’s daily life. We believe in the centrality of the theatre art form rooted in work, research and collaborative practices that sets the artists at the core of the organization. We believe in live theatre that leads to dynamic and positive change in the lives of all who participate in it, whether spectators or performers. We believe that theatre can both transform reality and be an integral part of the cultural and sociological context of society. We believe in theatre that embraces the complexity and diversity of the human being. We believe in theatre that creates community. This community is one that is both physically present and imagined. It is one that is linked together through a need for one another to complete a shared common interest or vision of the world.