SUNDAY, JUNE 23, 2019 6pm

Nan Busse, Tobey Kaplan & Heikki Koskinen - Poetry Is Easy: Lesson In Four Poems, created and performed by Nan Busse,Tobey Kaplan & Heikki Koskinen / Spoken words -Music-Theatre.

Inferno Theatre: Quantum Rapture “excerpt”,Written and Directed by Giulio Cesare Perrone. Performed by Joshua-Morris williams, Danie Citlali Valdivieso, Jesse Franklin Charles Vaughn / Theatre

Chatterbox is Carrie Caudle and Benoit Monin, a duo of seasoned improvisers who make up two-person plays in front of the audience.

Molinete - Ensemble members are: Carol Braves, violin;Steve Heckman, woodwinds;Suzanne Schrift, bass; Robert Fields, guitar.

MR Communications Presents Playin’ Possum, one of a series of short dramas about life on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley, First Light to Midnight (A Day on the Avenue). Written and directed by Daniel Rudman. Performed by Jenn Bates, Mick Renner, and Umi Grant.

Anton's Well Theatre Company: Preview selection from upcoming production of Here We GO by Caryl Churchill, directed by Robert Estes, performed by Marcy Rich, Vicki Victoria, Pamela Hollins

Dynamic Deux present Sitting On A Bench, written and directed by Ben Eli, performed by Anna Kritikos and Ben Elie.

Andrej Diamantstein - I will try to give you a view through a small window into what iaido might be.